Do what you like and do it honestly

Oct 10, 2012


Do you know that IAAS change my life? I couldn't imagine, If I'm not a member of IAAS and meet Extraordinary People in there. I'll be nothing.

Well, I'm not a student with high GPA or another prestige scale... just an ordinary boy who still need to learn more and more. I learn community development in IAAS, I criticized global issue with IAASers, so IAAS brings me into this incredible world. Just the way you are and keep moving forward : We learn together in the small world named IAAS, facing global challenge.

IAAS has taught me how to respect diverse culture. The experience gained in IAAS deeply challenged what I know about myself: the world and business environment. By understanding them, it has helped me to enriched my senses and sharpen my mind. I believe, everything is not “MAGIC”.

I’m just wanted to say thanks for everyone, especially IAAS Friend. I think, IAAS is more than those words. IAAS to me, it’s air that I breath. They keep me alive. And I’m so proud be part of them. Everything is IAAS. You will say that I’m freak, but it’s ok. That’s all of my life.

@ This is the world that he wants...

@ Semua terekam tak pernah mati