Do what you like and do it honestly

Feb 19, 2013


What’s up friends? My name is Kharis Alimoerdhoni Arief. I guess you could call me a biggest dreamer. As a young boy I spent a lot of time on my own, so I became pretty good at using my imagination. I learned that a world where people understand each other isn't impossibility. Even I, the world hares me, blames me. I will do my best and try to create my bright future. I decided to step out of my comfort zone - WAY out of my comfort zone. 
I have plan for short term and long term. I wanna continue master program by Erasmus Mundus scholarship. I chose Food of life Program Master Degree.  FOOD OF LIFE students will acquire in-depth knowledge in all the relevant animal science and food science and technology aspects of the food production chain.  The education will be provided by four European partner universities (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Copenhagen, University of Helsinki and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). The 120 ECTS Course will be taught in English and comprise one year (60 ECTS) at each of two of the partners. After that, I decide 2 years to work in International Company. And then continue Doctor Program with Fulbright Scholarship. I wanna be a Professor in Dairy Product, especially Functional drinks. In the future, you can drink the new innovation product of kefir. I’m trying to build this business now. I believe, this company will be bigger and have best partner with loyal customer, amin.    
Now, I face the world with smile. I do believe with dreams. The dreams started and continued with actions. I need big effort and keep struggle in every single way. Victory loves preparation.   I do my best due to young and restless.

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  1. well done bro! keep it up! face the world!

  2. Wah mantap cita-citanya. Semoga perusahaannya kelak dapat bersaing dengan Unilever, Danone, dkk. Semangat, Bro!