Do what you like and do it honestly

May 22, 2013


1.    The Adventure: Raft the Zambezi, Camel Trek Morocco, Cross the Sahara Desert, Climb Java's Volcanoes, Hike the Appalachian Trail, Dive with Hammerheads, Climb Aconcagua, Surf the Poles Antarctica, Dive Glacial Meltwater, Trek the Salcantay Route to Machu Picchu, etc
2.    Study Abroad: Erasmus Mundus, Chevening, Fulbright
3.    Student Exchange: IAAS and AIESEC
4.    Working Holiday Visa: Australia
5.    Leadership
6.    Volunteer: Saving Elephant and Orang Utan
7.    Film: The Biggest Dreamer
8.    Release Book: 1st summertime, Dream.School.Holiday, Lain Dunia
9.    Wiseman
10.  International Publication: Strategy Marketing Kefir in Social Networking
11. Music Director
12.  Social Entrepreneur: School of Fish “What You Think, What You Get” #Gratis
13.  Hunting Book : Scar Tissue Antonie Kiddies, Cheers UK, Ciao Italy, etc
14.  Private Concert:  Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bring Me to Horizon, As I Lay Dying, Kings of Convenience, Avenged Sevenfold, Justice, Arctic Monkeys, Potret, Daft Punk
15. IELTS 8
16. Share a Brilliant idea
17.  Home Sweet Home :  37 ha, Container Material, Orchid and Mango  Farm, Horse Arena, Swimming Pool, Theater Cold, Solar Panel,  Skate Park and Scream Loud Room
18.  Internship: VOA Fellowship 
19.  Meet Before Die : Bill Gate, Larry Page, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, Jared Letto, Louis Cole, and  Mr. Ben Brown.
20.  VJ MTv
21. Smile and Happy
22.  Je Parle Anglais
23. Healthy Life
24. Search Engine Optimize
25.  Play Game RPG: Final Fantasy series
26.  Unilever Future Leader Program
27. Goat Damn City - "A Dreamland"
28. Catatan Musikus
29. Professional Career in Fonterra (CEO)   
30. Go Pro HERO4+
31. Opportunity Fund - USA